Dear traveller,
The gardens that are you are going to access began to be cultivated more than a thousand years ago and they belong to the Alcázar of Seville, the oldest royal residence in Europe in use. This space currently occupies an area of nearly 100,000 square meters, of which approximately 75% are gardens that are characterized not only by its size and historical baggage, but also as a source of cultural and environmental wealth for the rest of the city.
Historically, the Alcázar is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site near the Cathedral of Seville and the General Archive of the Indies. In this context, the garden landscape looks like a conglomerate of gardens of Islamic, Renaissance or Romantic influence, coexisting in a balanced harmony.
In the botanical field, the Alcázar Gardens are characterized by a planetary index of plants consisting of more than 20,000 plants that belong to at least 187 different species. In these gardens we find plants only a few meters away that originally were separated by oceans. In addition, these gardens represent almost 40% of the landscaped public space in the historic center of Seville, which transforms it into an infrastructure invaluable for the regulation of biodiversity, climate or the atmosphere of the city.
We invite you to walk through them.

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